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We, of Guangzhou Dema Electronics and Sound Ltd. ( Leilotto/GRF ) was found in 1989. Specializes in research, developing, manufacturing, sales and technical services in PRO audio & KTV audio equipment.

Early since 1996, when most of Chinese entertainment place & event providers were still enjoy using well-known European or American PA system, DEMA had realized that Chinese PA system would have become global trend in marketing PA industry. After 21 years effort, DEMA has become one of the leading PA manufacturers in China.

Looking back on China PA history, with the recession of home audio and the emersion of professional audio business opportunities, there rised a large number of manufacturers, and some of them are well qualified ones. But unfortunately, as always existing at the primary stage of every industry, there are quite a few of badly-equipped small factories looking after quick money.

DEMA products are mostly exported to European markets, some are well accepted in many Asian countries, and quickly gain the market favor from some American, Australian, African countries. High  tech acoustic system of DEMA, the sound reversion can reach even surpass some well-known European or American brands.

DEMA products can acquire high appraisal from current customers, that's worth congratulating. But, being PA systems manufacturer, we also have so much to do. The task for future is still painstaking and there is a long way to go. Our mission is to be an Excellent Acoustic Equipment Provider all over the world!

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