SR5X is a 2 way passive coaxial speaker, it provides a real point source from an extremely compact enclosure. Inside the SR5X enclosure ,there is a 5" LF bass unit and a coaxial neodymium driver with 1.44inch voice coil HF driver, this advanced design creates a point source, the 90° dispersion angle of the HF & LF section ensures an average and efficient coverage. SR5X has outstanding LF and exc..



The compact enclosure is made of Hi-grade birch plywood , plus the anti- scratch and water proof finishing. The high-intensity grille withalso rotatable GRF logo enabling both horizontal or vertical mounting. They ideal for large churches, railway stations, conference halls,airports, exhibitions centers, museums etc. Applications



SR604 has built in 5pcs 5" ultra low distortion neodymium cone speaker and an Italian Faital compression driver to offer better MHFoutput, meanwhile, the horn which coupled on the HF driver is rotatable , this enables more options of coverage.



SR300MF are the important members in SmartRay family. The extremely compact, lightweight cabinet design enable them various and flexible sound reinforcement solution.



SR500MF is latest two-way full rang professional speaker as the new member of GRF SmartRay family. Compact, lightweight, and easy to install as other members of SmartRay, it is a smart choice to make perfect sound reinforcement in any kinds of fixture, also, it is ideal for theaters, churches, conference halls, schools such small size and medium size venues, which require high quality reinforcemen..



GRF's sound engineer has worked with Top European Acoustic Providers closely in the early design of SmartRay, and it results in a perfection. SmartRay is designed in ultra compact two-way line array column, it fills the gap between larger, more expensive line arrays and point source systems offering high quality solutions for acoustically difficult environments. SmartRay system has dynamic and b..


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